Results Through Relationships Workshop from the Rocky Mountain Center for Positive Change

You have the power to boost creativity, inspire high performance and align action
around a shared vision. It starts with culture change and community engagement.
But mostly it starts with a new way of working together.

The Rocky Mountain Center for Positive Change workshops can help.

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Dare to Lead™ builds empathy and activates change. Thousands of professionals are using this curriculum to cultivate authentic and innovative teams. The only requirement is a willingness to commit. Learn four skill sets to build daring leadership:–Rumbling with Vulnerability: Build a culture of empathy, including a shared language, meaningful feedback and the ability to have hard conversations. —Living into Your Values: Get clear on your values, so you can move from belief to behavior, then address both accountability and measurement.–Braving Trust: Examine what impacts trust in your system. The shift from back-channeling, bullying and power dynamics to collaboration, communication and transparency. —Learning to Rise: Creating space to fail. Getting through the discomfort, risk, and emotional exposure of vulnerability, then reaping the innovation and creativity which emerges.

What you will learn from this Workshop - Results Through Relationships

The Fall Cohort will launch Thursday Sept 9 (time TBD) and meet for 6, two-hour sessions every other week through November 18th.  

Individual Investment:
$399.00  Includes 6 session workshop series, book, workbook, and “Dare to Lead Trained” Certificate of Completion.

Have a team or group interested?
Contact Kara Schmitt
to co-create the Dare to Lead Experience that meets the needs of your team.

When Kara offered to guide our team through the Dare to Lead curriculum, we didn’t quite know what to expect. But over the course of a few months we were given this amazing opportunity for structured time together as a team where Kara led us through Dare to Lead sessions, and helped us each find the courage to be vulnerable with each other about what we as individuals, and we as a team, most needed for success. Although our dedicated time with Kara has wrapped-up, our team utilizes the tools she provided us with every day – the vocabulary to better communicate, the skills to really listen to one another, those tools help us daily to be a strong team, and, ultimately, to provide better services to our own clients.

– Donalyn White, Director of Research & Policy, Strategy With Rox

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Kara Schmitt brings 20 years of nonprofit leadership and consulting experience to RMCPC, along with a Masters in Social Work. Kara is also a Certified Dare to LeadTM Facilitator, based on the research of Dr. Brene Brown. She is known as a strategic optimist and a compassionate disruptor.