Strategic Planning

A clear, compelling strategy is the foundation of your organization’s success. But strategies often lose steam once they get recorded. Our traditional-with-a-twist approach prevents this pitfall by building engagement, collaboration and a shared commitment. The tangible result is success across time. Whether it’s a board, workforce or community, we:

  • Uncover your organization’s core strengths
  • Generate a shared vision
  • Build consensus on priorities
  • Create the path to implementation.

Afraid it’s the same old strategic planning of yesteryear? It’s not.

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“Focus on Longmont exceeded all of our expectations. It has become the driving force for the future of Longmont. We couldn’t have imagined the way the initiative has galvanized energy around Longmont’s sustainable future.”

Karen Roney
Community Services Director
City of Longmont, CO

Leadership Development

Our approach is based on a positive worldview. Rather than focusing on people’s limitations, we focus on their strengths. Here’s how we do that:

  1. Recognize every individual’s potential
  2. Get curious about successes and what’s working
  3. Encourage vulnerability and presence
  4. Facilitate engaged feedback
  5. Teach positive practices to strengthen relationships
  6. Practice “radical engagement” and risk taking
  7. Foster next generation leadership

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“The Rocky Mountain Center for Positive Change has been a critical partner in deepening our team’s leadership capacity. Our work with them has increased alignment in our leadership team and sparked positive action across our entire organization.”

Mark Elliott
Chief Executive Officer
Community Development Institute

Team Building

We enhance productivity and strengthen connections through partner, customer and peer interviews. What emerges is a shared vision for what might be. The resulting norms, programs and relationships bust silos and launch positive change in boards, communities and organizations. Perfect for new or existing teams.
Appreciative team building has helped clients:

  • Build trust
  • Increase staff morale and engagement
  • Practice collaborative decision making
  • Connect people to the mission
  • Create shared accountability
  • Leverage and align strengths
  • Generate mentoring and leadership opportunities
  • Team-building isn’t an inside job. Sometimes outsourcing is the key!

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“The Appreciative Team Building process has helped me to refocus my strategy on the positive core of what I do. I have been conditioned to see problems and look for the weaknesses, but through the Appreciative Inquiry process I have learned to transfer my strengths to areas that need corrective attention.”

Josh Gruber
Family Teacher

Multi-Stakeholder Facilitation

Our strength-based engagement processes bring different interests and perspectives together to collaborate on challenging decisions or actions. While we always customize the process to your individual needs, our approach involves establishing clear objectives, engaging the right people in the right way, developing trusting relationships, unleashing creativity and an aligned vision of success, and organizing for inspired action.

Our processes have helped clients:

  • Give voice to all perspectives
  • Build productive, efficient partnerships
  • Foster commitment to a shared vision
  • Identify collective priorities and funding needs
  • Improve resource allocation
  • Motivate aligned action
  • Foster trust in decision making

Creating agreement across competing interests can seem impossible. We can help.

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“We’ve heard from a lot of people, including upper management, that they were so thankful that we did this (appreciative inquiry) process and they wish other jurisdictions would do the same. We’re on a great path forward. “

Jennifer Hillhouse
Deputy Director of Planning
North Denver Collaborative Partnership

Culture Change

Organizational culture is essentially “the way we do things.” It influences how people think, feel, act, succeed and fail. Whether you’re faced with a merger, acquisition, reduced resources or shifting marketplace, we support your internal “champions” to create a high-performance culture resulting in:

  • New ways of knowing
  • Authentic relationships
  • Collaboration across the value chain
  • Risk-taking and innovation
  • A happy and engaged workforce
  • Commitment to mission and vision
  • Co-creation of new systems and structures

Mahatma Gandhi said, “We must be the change we want to see in the world.” That begins here.

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“Putting cultural change into motion is no small task. But in just three months, Amanda guided us carefully along the AI journey, demonstrating its value, listening to our concerns and drawing every employee into the process. Afterwards, we saw more team members speaking up, communicating with transparency and being intentional about collaboration. Years later, we still see the positive impact it had on our organization. Thank you Amanda!”

Lisa Wolf
Director of Culture & People
ARAG Legal Insurance

Program, Service or Process Design

As people come together to design or redesign programs, services and processes, there’s a complex web of responsibility, power and communication. And when it’s time for a redesign, resistance often occurs. That’s where we come in. Via large summits or smaller study groups, we help team members, investors, customers and suppliers understand what has worked in the past, generate new ideas, and decide what to do and how to do it. Our approach creates strong relationships and an environment where people:

  • Openly share information
  • Feel safe to take risks
  • Identify cross-functional efficiencies
  • Effectively prioritize and manage workflow
  • Create agile systems

The result is productivity, efficiency and profitability. Past projects have included design of a career development program, a health care customer service system, and a system for transporting dogs across state lines.
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Is Program, Service or Process Design right for you? Read our Program, Service or Process Design case study.

“With guidance from our consulting team, we harnessed the energy and collective wisdom of a significant cross-section of our staff, to implement crucial changes in our career development and related HR programs. The Appreciative Inquiry process shaved months off a typical schedule for such a large, organization-wide change. It delivered a clear message that we value employees’ thoughts, perspectives, aspirations, and feelings.”

Janet Godwin
Chief of Staff & Chief Accountability Officer

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