Re-setting a Positive Course

I just finished methodically going through my e-mails deleting all the political messages I receive and removing my name from their e-mail lists.

I recently made the mistake of adding my name to a petition for a cause I strongly believe would help our country. In so doing, I inadvertently offered myself up for a barrage of messages informing me of how the party was losing their battles, the other side was blockading their issues, and that if I didn’t act now all would be lost.

It is a mystery to me why this organization would try to win by portraying itself as a catastrophic loser.  Indeed, I found out just how badly the party was doing every morning when I opened my email to read panicked pleas for money. How am I to respond? “Sure – you can have my money!  Take it with you, as the ship slowly disappears beneath the surface….”

So I just cleaned out my e-mail box and cleaned up my mindset. I still believe in many of the same principles as this party – but not in their approach.

My life long study of human organizations tells me that people move forward when they share a vision of the best of what can be. Share the vision with me, or better yet, let me help craft that vision, and I will gladly lend my strengths to the cause.

Joe Kane
Consulting Partner



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