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Celebrating What’s Right in the World

In this time of emotional turmoil and pain, it is healing to celebrate the good in people and how they care for others. Recently, I had the pleasure and honor of reviewing the nominations for the Strengths in Action awards sponsored by Adams 12 Five Star Schools near Denver, CO. The awards recognize staff that exemplify the district’s core strengths: care, collaboration, empower, engage and focus on students [ more… ]

Even the Optimists Feel Overwhelmed

This week I had the privilege of meeting with a group of nonprofit CEOs, all of whom are conducting scenario planning to address the uncertainties of this time. Participants expressed a variety of emotions including fear, frustration, and concern for their workforce and the clients they serve.   Not surprisingly, many are experiencing waves of optimism and pessimism on a daily, if not hourly, basis. [ more… ]

Strengthen Your Creative Muscle…when you need it most.

When do you have your best “aha” moments or epiphanies? In the shower? On a walk? How can you create fertile ground to do your most creative thinking? This new tool from RMCPC invites you to explore your “aha” moments and to create the conditions to help you do your best thinking. If you’re feeling stuck, use it to learn how you might expand your thinking. [ more… ]

What we can do NOW

We sometimes hear that Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is too optimistic – too Polyannaish. We respond that it’s about focusing on and organizing around what works and what’s possible, not just what’s “positive.”
I have been continually reminding myself of this over the past several weeks, when I’ve sometimes struggled to feel positive about what’s happening in the world. [ more… ]

Holding space for one another in this time of collective vulnerability

“Holding space” is a term often used by social workers, facilitators and other helping profession-als as we bring people into difficult conversations, navigate change and transitions within organ-izations, and help give voice to those who may not normally feel heard. In a time where no one is immune to pain and suffering, how do we do “hold space” for one an-other? [ more… ]

Last week was one of the best of my life!

What is your favorite story of how people are embracing social connections in this time of restraint? My favorite story was from my friend, Ray. Ray made a list of his dearest friends from different times in his life and proceeded to call everyone one of them in one week. He called 21 people and talked 31.5 hours. One call was 4.5 hours long! [ more… ]

A Team Tool for this ‘Time Out’

In this challenging time of closures and quarantines, how can your #team strengthen your #resiliency? We offer you this #appreciativeinquiry tool that will help you understand how your collective experiences with resiliency can guide you in the coming weeks and months. Please download it, use it, and let us know what you’ve learned! We wish you #health, #wisdom and  #resiliency in the face of uncertainty. [ more… ]

Practicing the Flip

If any of you know me or my colleagues from the Rocky Mountain Center for Positive Change, you have likely heard us talk about “practicing the flip” and the “power of questions.”  These strengths-based exercises help individuals and organizations shift their mindset from problems to what is possible.  [ more… ]

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